Fellowship Cyphers Vol. II

by Fellowship Cyphers

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Here's Vol. II !
Lyrics are on each individual track page.

We see a society that is entrenched in Western materialism, lust of individualism, a culture of objectifying sexuality, and the lack of mindful potency. We desire to provide society with quality music and lyrics. We desire for people to engage in thoughts of deep and compelling ideas, specifically pertaining to the Divine.

Our purpose is to produce and provide solid/firm music that provides not only a Christ centered message but an intellectually potent piece that will allow listeners to re-evaluate themselves and life as we speak.

For inquires, questions, comments, and etc, please contact booking@divin3kingdom.com


released January 13, 2013

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Track Name: DNL - Knowledge Pt. II (Feat. DNL, Prod. Rythmatical)
find the tinder, anything dry and fibrous
looking for spare pieces of wood to light a fire with
making a bow and bending sticks but breaking the bones with every hit
of verbs and nouns to make you strong
but not for long, you tried complying
you're not surviving unless you're having a flame inside
only playing games and mistaking the flame for blazing eyes
piercing in your thoughts, giving a feeling that you cant describe
hearing the whisper so vividly given your state of mind
the cold touch of lust is feeling kinda warm to you
coursing through your veins and of course filling your pores
liquid matter pouring out from the brain, but not a prayer
in short, you've closed the doors to the gate that longs for more
and you stay gratified in the seemingly satisfying woman
amassing pride and lacking might as if you fight for nothing
among the running discussions that bust your thoughts wide open
seductive voices repeat, "enjoy the moment" indeed

but now you're caught in the wrong flame that burns you
hurts you, but gives you all the temporary pleasures
you turn to the monster that you thought wouldn't concern you
lamenting to yourself and now you're evidently severed (2x)

voices in my head bashing on my actions
stabbing my very passions and naturally making it bleed out
as i seek out reasoning within my dreams
i seem to be handing myself a hammer slamming at my casket
my cold hands were never truly heated by that wrong flame
the octanes that sparked up could never measure to the ceiling
the voice is back, "look at the fruit, i bet that you could eat it"
but looking carefully i saw the rotting flesh of it
thought that i inspected it
forgot that God had banished it
acting with an attitude that trashed his very excellence
done with that life, done with my titles
comes with a price to run from the idols
but worth it for the love that is viral
finally found it, a fire higher than a mountain
smoldering within my core and bursting like a fountain
i heard the church bells ring, i'm yearning patiently
i felt the burning the perfect person had placed in me

and now i'm caught in the right flame that fills me
the real me? revealed; now i'm ready to be changed
but will he? i'm sure of it. it's nothing to be burdened with
love Him in return and live to elevate his name
Track Name: :DK & DSteele - Words on a Page (Feat. :DK & DSteele, Prod. DSteele Music)
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
He was in the beginning with God.
All things were made through him, and without him was nothing that was made.
In him was life, and the life was the light of men.
The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Words on page, to words on a stage
I use my words for my joy and my rage
You can use words to build up or break down
Use it for the devil of the King without a crown
As a matter fact He did have a crown
A crown of thorns that drip blood to the ground
The blood created seeds, seeds in ground

That sprouted up like trees that look like crosses
Look like crosses cause He took my losses
I was lawless but now I'm flawless
Now there's no question in my mind who the B.O.S.S. is

Beautiful Omnipotent Sufficient Savior
Belief overcomes my selfish behavior
Tasted the world's pleasures but your my favorite flavor
The Word is my sword, Prayer my light saber
Light cuts through darkness sharp as a razor
Charis given through the works of your labor
Shining out your light you loved all your neighbors
Shining out you light you love all your neighbors
Charis given through the works of your labor

DSteele's lyrics are still pending.
Track Name: NAK - Simple Things (Feat. NAK, Prod. Urban Romantic City)
Hello Mr. Sunray, a cold sunny Monday
You sure have a way to brighten up something mundane
I must say, another day so gorgeous
Makes a great new page to my routine story
Alarm clock calling... we’ll talk tomorrow morning
I wish I had time, but honest I’m kinda boring
Chuck a mental deuce, nearly tripping on my clutter
Swayed right, made light, at the flip of a button
Summoned water from a faucet; the lip of it running
Now rummaging through my closet, discovering nothing
I come to my cubby and cop another twenty in profit
I keep it stocked in my wallet- topped- dropped in my pocket
Off like the pilot of a modified rocket,
A comet, or some other type of astronomical object
Confident in my cockpit; blasting with sick speed
‘Cause traffic is a killer... and class is in 15

And though life is tough, thank God for the... (simple things)
I know times are rough, but thank God for the...(simple things)
Strife got you stuck? Thank God for the... (simple things)
And when it all sucks, praise God for the... (simple things)

There’s nothing like a drop a black coffee in the afternoon
To bump me like a broken Xerox in the copy room
There’s nothing like a fat scoop of ice cream,
A hot summer day, and a boost of iced tea
Friends and the family... grill, and a balcony
Telling true stories under starlit canopies
Thank you tragedy, for helping me adapt and breathe
Thank you, sanity. Thank you, Final Fantasy.
And thank you gravity, always good for grounding me
I’m bound to be gassed up, but thank you for surrounding me
Hey, flower. You’re beautiful you know that?
I’m probably first to tell you, but know that it’s a known fact.
Hi, weather, couldn’t ask for a better day.
The girl over there is probably prepping up her pepper spray
Whatever meng, what I’m really trying to say
Is dear Lord, I want to thank you for this beautiful day. So hey...

And though life is tough, thank God for the... (simple things)
I know times are rough, but thank God for the...(simple things)
Strife got you stuck? Thank God for the... (simple things)
And when it all sucks, praise God for the... (simple things)

It’s funny how pain is intertwined with forgetfulness
It’s funny how fear reminds us of our flaws
It’s funny how work could never tell us what our purpose is
Yo, I take it back... that isn’t funny at all.
We tossed away joy and thought happiness was needed
That’s what tends to happen when the heart becomes conceited
Pride is steady feasting on the elders and our siblings
Complexity is gripping; humility is missing
(I digress) I worry much about petty things.
I worry too much about getting things
But like anything, the more that it steady seems:
Dwelling on petty things is spelling out: “petty dreams”
Lead me to the steady stream, pasture and the heavy green,
His eye on the sparrow, but His heart on my everything
So once again, thank God for another day,
Good night. Can’t wait to say “hey” to Mr. Sunray.

And though life is tough, thank God for the... (simple things)
I know times are rough, but thank God for the...(simple things)
Strife got you stuck? Thank God for the... (simple things)
And when it all sucks, praise God for the... (simple things)
Track Name: Rhyo - Your Thoughts? (Feat. Rhyo, Prod. DSteele Music)
Hear the way my mind plays
On this phonograph called the soul.
Not to the echoes of this microphone
Because I already know I’ll be getting feedback
But to the way the needle’s scratch itches the surface
Of this ERA’s forgotten black hole called thought.
Traveling through tunnel this train
Do you hear
The way the locomotive runs?
Originally designed to be fueled to be insane for Agape Love.
But our heads grew so big we fell under our own gravity
Mind over matter so heavy the latter collapsed beneath our depravity
Causing exhaustion of the massive stars that we supposedly are
To abandon everything including the Light of our lives.
And as the vinyls of our mind
Are left as synthetic residue in the attics of our brains
We become orphans in the event horizon, the point of no escape.
And though the Son rises, our instinctive insight’s set already
On being trapped behind cellar doors
Confined in chains of worldly conformity
As the melodies of our identities become muffled into distant memories.
Do the math it’s easy:
If the soundtracks to our lives today seem to take more revolutions per minute
Why aren’t our demos selling as the solution,
But only adding more confusion to it?
Seeking more producers more consumers,
But we keep discovering less artistry and less meaningful lyrics
Subtracting values from the main equation, dividing the pain into new endless destinations.
Multiplying shame and finding the remainders are just
Imaginary numbers.
And so our remnants of reason became mere figments
And we began to babble mindless dictions about the most sound philosophy
And the best we could come up with is an acronym by a rapper famed by Degrassi
I’m sorry.
But it doesn’t stop there.�We forgot the feeling of friction between the record and the needle
The heat between the mind and soul
It’s called conviction
Because we wanted to have one last dance with the devil
We sold out our serenata as the ransom
To begin using bodily fictions as the new anthem.
_We’re infected.
Hybrid viruses called sin
It is the distortion of what we already had, of beautiful things God had gifted us with.
Overdosed on hallucinations of our emptied imaginations
We just need a concentrated dose of Truth.
And I wanna be your drug dealer, cause I be pushin it
Pushin pen to paper that is, I be selling my addictive ink.
I mean to say that I’m here to relay the Message and help you taste it
If this was Pandora’s music box then hope has just invaded
And if you don’t understand what my mind’s saying
Then I’ll dance.
I am not a geisha I don’t need any fans
But I still move up here with my lips and my hands because
My Abba father is my (one and only) crowd
Pleased already with the way I stand
The way letters and words fall and rise I
Am just a sentence in His song,
But precious because he caught me at the hook
Justice jotted me an unforgettable note He wrote in his melody book
Thank you Shane and Shane
For reminding me that Jesus Saves
Is my life refrain.
Needles injected with lead
Are you itching to be fed?
Then let your feet move to a beat to start something beyond what words could be said
A movement.
Every disc has been designed with unique and delicate grooves
Which had been eroded and smoothed
Away when living life
…Became an industry.
But having swag is just another term for sharing His glory
Because if He is Creator, then He is creativity.
And this is my hip-hop philosophyith God as my Socrates
No need for a Tupac-Biggie rivalry
His love stretched from the east to the west
No coast could be best
Next to a rhyme named Jesus,
My muse and reason for this apology
Because I know how it feels
To stand before the mirror and be face to face with your greatest enemy
But look at yourself in the eye and tell it well:
_My love language is war and I’m waging for Life
I spit for a King with a capital K, AK defend my paid price
That’s why I’m a Freedom Fighter; this is a forerunner—front of the battle line
Speaking revolutionary art ammo for Christ
Entering the fray throwing Gospel grenades of paint
Lord… let your lovers rise.
…As today’s and the next generation
Verbalizing LIFE for every tongue tribe and nation
The truth defined in how it’s as if you
Chose to rewind/ our bloopers and say they never happened
But you would never delete anything
In us you would only make_
It better, you say outtakes_ Occur for a purpose
Screenwriting the way you blotted out transgressions
To transform and transcend—me from my negative adjectives
Into your world of ultimate statements and beautiful verbs and
Moments reminding me to first “be” then “go, make, and work”
Kingdom work beyond lip service,
Cause I wanna be well versed in my own verses
But I gotta let loose whatever He spurs in
Me, I’ll be an artist--if You’re askin
First is His words, holy ink painting portraits
Drew up me, said callin it a masterpiece was worth it
He, The ultimate Painter, Architect and Artist
Cause I can’t move without His hand
Lord like a compass and palette direct me to be living color
Splendor calculated by Your digits and precision evaluated by Your specific number
Of brushstrokes and shapes to create an image with fear and wonder
And you call us Your lovers.
Do you hear�he click-clacks?
On the tracks
Of this train
Called, “Your Thoughts.”
Track Name: CL of AMP Movement - Nothin Can Separate (Feat. CL of AMP Movement & DJ Descry, Prod. Oak & Pop)
Ain’t no mountain, no river could measure
Measure Your mercy never, whether the weather withers You deliver
I find pleasure in seeking Your treasure, speaking and teaching Your message
Seeking and healing the wreckage Satan left us

My faith is meager, I’m helpless, Lord Jesus come down and help us
For You alone, yes, You bless us, Lord give me clarity
So from disasters, I’ll master this journey chapter by chapter
Be raptured, lie in Your pastures, thank You for sparing me

Nothing could separate, segregate our relationship
For You alone are great and it’s You that I ache to imitate
My spirits grumbling, humbling when I’m stumbling
Suffering for my love for Him, nothing could pull me from this faith

I seek His riches in heaven, injecting me with His leaven
No mountains high or big enough to hide me from His face
So in His grace I remain, sustaining me as He reigns
Free in the power of His name, waiting to see His face!
Track Name: J.Han of AMP Movement - Keep Movin Along (Feat. J.Han of AMP Movement & DJ JoonShk, Prod. DJ Descry)
I was a small kid that harbored small dreams
took shelter in a paradigm built on small things.
I grew-up thinking I could never do much
I got these scales over my eyes; I’m like a tuna
floating in the ocean, traveling without a purpose
drifting away with the strong currents of this culture
I need a tune-up; gimme the proper fluids
sipping the water from the well has got me feeling super
thirsty, dehydrated, dirty, and mire-ridden.
At the age of 17, realized what I needed --
Christ; He’s risen and given a mission
tho my life was all about the refuge in vocation.
Hold-up, don’t tell my parents that I’m changing paces;
no longer desiring to chase the pesos.
Man, I know I gotta eat;
but is it worth the chase - to trash your dreams for security?

You and I (put our trust in the Most High)
Stand with our hands held up high (and wave ‘em side-to-side cause)
me and you (are wondering what’s going on)
together whatever we do [have faith; keep moving along]

[I got] So many questions, so little answers -- I’m cluttered
The next chapter’s coming real soon -- man, I shudder
cause the pressure’s coming-in;
can’t fall-back to my summertimes again.
No retreat! Your upside and potential is now; you’re living in it,
given a chance to touch the sky -- no limit in it.
Your parents immigrated here
so that you could pursue the things this nation reveres.
Yo, I can’t blame ‘em for tryna make a better living
from eating ice-sickles to living in finer linens.
But how can I deny what happened in ‘07
-- regenerated; my focus shifted towards the heavens.
Cuz I left my old ways, they think I’m crazy.
no longer a good fella -- Martin Scorsese.
But mama, I got a God to follow,
a dream to catch, holler #YOGO as my motto [bravo]!

Pre-hook x2:
Got this one-time chance for the ages
to live it-up for myself
or to live like the sages who died for The Way
so that I could hear the truth for myself

You and I (put our trust in the Most High)
Stand with our hands held up high (and wave ‘em side-to-side cause)
me and you (are wondering what’s going on)
together whatever we do (have faith; keep moving along)

I left my old ways, they think I’m crazy.
no longer a good fella -- Martin Scorsese.
But mama, I got a God to follow,
a dream to catch, holler #YOGO as my motto
cause I got this one-time chance for the ages
to live it-up for myself
or to live like the sages who died for The Way
so that I could hear the truth for myself