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released February 19, 2010



all rights reserved
Track Name: SCUM Brothers - S.A.D. Song
Beautiful inside and out (inside and out)
A child of God without a doubt (without a what?)
Stands out amongst the crowd,
like the sun shinning through the clouds (oooh)
A fading beauty and a gentle spirit (the Holy Spirit)
A quiet spirit you can barely hear it (Can’t hear anything)
But a great sight in the eyes of God
To Him your perfect, and to Him be all the laud (Go 하나님, Go)

DJ JoonShk (Sean):
I think you need to know what time it is
Time to, show appreciation to the sisters yo
Lets talk about one sister in particular
She’ll probably hate me for this, but we all admire her
One of the teachers for of 08
The 누나 of this place, you don’t wanna joke about her age
Now, put you had below your face
And salute to Cindy Jang

MC HoBreezy (David):
Welcome everybody to this time and place
We’re here to show love to the sister name Grace
Created by the one and only Jesus Christ
No mistakes made, didn’t have to try twice
Her smile can light you up when you’re feeling down
Turn that nasty frown around and upside down
Like Christ’s never ending love, her presences made me
Like gee gee gee gee baby

Tell me why I know this one sista
Who can put a smile on anyone’s features
If today you’re feeling a little glim
Leave it up to Michelle Kim
She’ll make smile, she’ll make you laugh
She’ll make fly high, to the sky
And get you by without a sigh in sight
It’s a blessing to have her in my life
That I can say without a lie

T-Chung (Thomas):
Next up, Miss Andrea Phan
Loved by God before the world began
I hope you know you’re part of his plan
So whatever you do, just know you can
Now attending UC Santa Cruz
When she gone we all have the blues
Shining bright like the stars in the moon
Always hopin you’ll be back soon, we love ya!

SK HAN (Steve):
Let me tell you about a sista who can flip foos
Pounding down coffee and flippin books too
I don’t know if you guessed it yet, but this sista is Susan Yoon
She’s, Filled with the heart of God
Filled with a heart for Church
I have to thank her for the work she did with SCUM Youth
Now, lets take this time to show our appreciation
From one brother to the next, we thank you

Phunky Michael (Michael):
I wanna tell you bout this girl name Angela
Related to Susan, so I can’t messed this up
She’s the best sista ever (EVAR~)
Don’t know much about her
But when she talk, when she sings,
She sounds like a singing bird
When her friends take a look at her
See one holy and kind sista~ (SISTA~)

MC HoBreezy (David):
This is for the one and only sista Susan Cheong
She worked her magic and got Russell Ja sprung
Nah just kidding, but fosho she’s really ill
Hear her play piano, you know she got skill
Blessed with the talents that the Father gave her
Her love keeps you warm like a brand new blazer
She only has two special loves in her life
Lucky Russell Ja and the Lord, Jesus Christ

MC MA (Tung):
This is dedicated to the special Grace Kay
Coming out to Sister’s Appreciation Day
Finishing an education in Business and Law
Strong and independent women standing with God
Trying to pull through and experience like no other
Coming to church knowing the role as a brother
I don’t think these words are enough to say,
Let me shout out to the sister, O HEY GRACE KAY!
Track Name: David, Thomas, Sean - S.A.D Song (pt. Deux)
In the beginning, I made the Heavens and the Earth
But my masterpiece was not complete until your day of birth
Created from my image, you were perfect from day one
That’s the way it will remain until my will for you is done
For you know the plans I have for you, you know that they are good
But it might get rocky on the way, I hope that’s understood
It’s gonna be a battle, it’s gonna be a daily grind
You will have to trust in me, but gotta keep in mind
Don’t miss understand me when I make you go through pain, child~
I’m just tryin to build you up soo~ you can gain child~
Salvation through me, so you can be
Chilling next to me, comfortably, for eternity
When you can’t feel my presence child, don’t be alarmed
I am always here, by your side, waiting with open arms

My love for you is patient
My love for you is kind
Oh no, it's not self-seeking
In me all this you'll find
My love it does not envy
My love it does not boast
It trusts, protects
And always hopes

Hey friend, how you doing today?
I know it's been a while but I just want to say
That I miss you and I wish you would just
Come back everyday I pray
I can't guarantee that it'd be the same
But I guarantee that my love hasn't changed
I'll love you throughout eternity
An unconditional love, a love to set you free
Remember day when I first entered your heart
Since then I've been with you and I will never depart
I've been sent to you to counsel your ways
And I will lead you for the rest of your days
So take me in and allow me to guide
Read my Words and by it abide
Take my hand and swallow your pride
My beloved, it's all for you the reason that I died

To all the ladies in the place with style and grace
Allow me to thank you, for the love and praise
Who rock pews and make moves to all His commandments
Passin’ my love, praisin’ God, remember to stay strong
Listen to the Spirit, and keep Him in your hearts
You’re Mad Jesus lovin’, Bible passin’, praise blastin’
And yall just can’t quit
Cause all of you ladies know how to worship
Now spread it, go preach about my love, why not?
Why keep the love a secret, when I have love for all
Now check it, I got more power than the devil, it’s endless
Believe me sweety, I died on the cross and resurrected
Always remember that, I loved you first
And your mission is to go spread it to the earf
Now tell your friends to hop on the 3:16
I gave you the strength, you just gotta accept it